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React library adopts an innovative approach of using modular UI components and virtual DOM for achieving greater performance, real-time rendering, and great user experience by developing responsive virtual interfaces on single page applications SPA. A professional React JS development team tackles the following wide range of development services.

Web Application Development

React JS library offers enormous features and capabilities needed for developing highly responsive, robust, modular and high-performance web applications. Hire React developers to build the most innovative, efficient, and resilient web app solutions for capitalizing the business opportunities tremendously.

Unified Product Development

React JS developer coders help you build comprehensive web solutions to improve business growth, revenue generation, and customer satisfaction. By using React JS, you get professional-level software solutions that pave the solid path for achieving the desired out of the core business idea.

React Web Solutions

Whether you are looking for a robust website, web apps, single page application SPA, mobile applications, or even Minimum Viable Product MVP for prototyping your business ideas, ReactJS programmers helps you achieve exactly what your business idea is all about.

React Deployment Solutions

Developing new APIs to integrate customized web solutions, tools, and plugins have become so attractive in the React JS environment. Hire dedicated React JS developers to deploy innovative web components accurately, effectively, and efficiently.

AI Automated Solutions

Process automation in software development has already become an unparalleled trend powered by artificial intelligence AI and machine learning ML. A ReactJS dedicated team helps you achieve the best automated-solutions on web environments for creating an unmatched competitive edge.

Operations & Maintenance Services

Running software-based solutions efficiently and effectively in the present-day fierce competitive market requires the professional services of React JS developers for smooth operations and maintenance (O&M) of web-based React JS solutions. Therefore, partnering with React JS development company is a great step to the project’s success.

Skills of React Developers Based on Their Seniority Level

React JS library was introduced in 2013 by Facebook with the designing of comprehensive learning courses. From a beginner, React JS developer to senior-level developers can choose the desired modules for learning to achieve the desired level of expertise. The following info shows the career-level-wise skills and qualifications of different levels of React JS developers. By checking these, you will know for sure who to look for once you hire ReactJS development company.

Junior React Developer Skills

  • Command over React JS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JS Fundamentals +ES6
  • Redux, Flux, Git, JSX, Restful API, Workflows
  • Web app, mobile app, UX, UI, component creations, virtual DOM, ReactJS core principle
  • Continuous testing CT, continuous development and continuous integration CD/CI
  • Junior ReactJS developer shouls have knowledge of MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other databases
  • At least a bachelor’s degree with React JS beginner courses

Mid-Level ReactJS Developer Skills

  • Great command over ReactJS library, core principle, and allied development tools
  • Technical expertise in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Immutable JS, UX, UI, and JSX, Restful API, Bootstrap and others
  • Deep expertise in database systems like PostgreSQL, SQLite, and others
  • A deep understanding of web app and mobile application development from the set of customer requirements
  • Understanding and implementing business requirements into the web-based solution
  • Testing, debugging, and deployment of releases and builds
  • Bachelor’s degree with over 3 years of development experience in ReactJS environment 

Senior ReactJS Developer Skills

  • Command over developing software solutions based on ReactJS library in JavaScript environment
  • Great command over understanding the business ideas, requirements and transforming them into a comprehensive solution.
  • Coordinating and collaborating with developers, testers, team leader, and managers
  • Strong technical knowledge of software programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.JS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others
  • Technical hands-on experience with Reactive Native, Next JS, and others
  • Practical experience of handling complex software development project, testing, debugging and deploying on a regular basis
  • Lead React JS contractor should have Master’s degree in computer science or software development
  • More than 6 years of experience with React JS career development courses

ReactJS Team Lead Skills

  • Command over software development lifecycle in JavaScript, especially in React JS development environment and command over Agile, Kanban and other methodologies
  • Strong management skills for handling the entire team of cross-function and diverse backgrounds
  • Understanding, gathering and transforming customer requirements into a comprehensive ReactJS-based web solution
  • Understanding of major programming languages and tools used in the web and mobile app development such as HTML, CSS, ReactJS, JavaScript, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and others
  • Command over software project management, task management, team management, and time management
  • Collaboration and coordination with a cross-functional team to meet the tight schedules and deadlines
  • Master’s degree in management information systems or related field with over 7 years of experience and certification in project management

React JS Developer Resume Samples

React Redux sample resume
React JS Developer Resume Sample
React JS developer resume sample
React Redux Sample Resume

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Major Steps in the Hiring Process of ReactJS Developers and Building React Team 

How to hire React JS developer team or a single React developer remote is a highly complex process that requires a high level of professionalism and technical expertise. The entire process to find React JS developers and hire them for a client consists of the following major steps.

Analyzing Client Requirements

The features and capabilities of the React JS software project are analyzed to find out what ReactJS roles are required for the project. The desired ReactJS programmers roles are decided in this step when you’re working with React JS outsourcing vendor.

Searching Matching Tech-Talent

Two React Redux staffing methods are applied for this step – surfing the internal pool of tech-talents and exploring a huge Ukrainian pool of about 200K professionals. The shortlisting of potential candidates for React software engineer position is done for interviews.

Interviewing Tech-Talent

Internal phase of interviewing is done in this hiring step. The candidates with skills fully matching with the client requirements (it could be front end React developer or React Redux developer) and roles are finalized for approval.

Offers & Contract Negotiations

In coordination with the client regarding the cost to hire React JS developers, the offer for a job is initiated for accepting and signing.

Onboarding of Tech-Talent

Joining, team-introduction, and work-orientation activities are completed on the behalf of the clients. The software development activities start afterward.

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Hire ReactJS Developer Offshore: FAQ

How do you hire ReactJS developers?

We get client requirements to hire ReactJS developer. These requirements include technical and soft skills, work experience, and qualifications, etc. On the basis of those requirements, the most suitable potential candidate is searched from our local database as well as from the Ukrainian pool of tech talent. A sizable number of candidate CVs of Ukrainian contractors front end React are shortlisted for interviews to further finalize the desired candidates through multiple interviews. The selected candidates are offered a job to accept on certain terms and conditions, which the selected ReactJS developer approves and signs. The contract and non-disclosure agreement NDA are initiated and signed. 

This entire hiring process takes at least 2 to 3 weeks. We help our clients to accomplish all those processes professionally without any hassles, confusion, and compromise over quality.

What pricing models do you offer for team augmentation?

We offer different pricing models to find React.js contract remote for our clients that match 100% with the customer requirement. The main pricing models that we offer include:

1) Outstaffing model – A ReactJS developer team dedicatedly works on your projects only. It is the most attractive model for long-term projects. It is very flexible, affordable, and easy to scale fast.

2) Fixed price model – It is suitable for small and medium-size projects. It is a fixed price and no additional fee is charged at all.

3) Pay as Go – This model is suitable for very limited budgets and intermittent tasks. Pay for the services, time, and resources that you use for a particular ReactJS development task.

From where do you provide the React JS developers?

We have a large database of ReactJS developers that have already worked with us with a proven successful track record. We have also access to a huge local pool of ReactJS developers and React JS consulting professionals in Ukraine, from where we find the most suitable ReactJS developers that match 100% with the requirements of our valued clients.

How does the team management process run?

We build and handover a dedicated team to the client’s project manager, who is fully responsible for managing the entire team. If a client doesn’t have a project manager to manage the dedicated team, we offer a project manager for a fully managed team. The client will have full control over the entire team in both cases for every activity of the project such as assigning tasks, managing resources, conducting meetings, coordinating with stakeholders, etc. 

What does collaboration and communication tools the ReactJS developer team use?

ReactJS dedicated teams use state-of-the-art software development infrastructure including the most popular team collaboration and communication tools such as Slack, Jira, Git, Teamwork, Asana, Confluence, Zoho, and others. Additional tools like Skype, Dropbox, and others are also used extensively for software project management and communication activities.

Top Reasons to Hire ReactJS Developers in Ukraine

  • Ukraine ranks 20th in Kearney Global Service Location Index due to robust infrastructure, friendly work environment, and competitive cost
  • Manages over $5 billion of IT exports worldwide
  • One of the fastest-growing outsourcing destinations in the world
  • JavaScript is the most popular programming language followed by Java and Python
  • ReactJS has already taken stronger roots in the web and mobile app developers
  • A huge tech-talent pool of 192,100 IT professionals with world-class technical degrees
  • Home of over 1600 IT outsourcing companies and nearshore ReactJS software development services providers
  • Ukraine produces about 30,000 IT specialists powered by top universities annually
  • Shared culture, languages, and public holidays for better work synchronization
  • Ideal location for traveling from European, North American, and the Asia Pacific countries
  • Best IT infrastructure and connectivity
  • Offers high quality of work powered by European quality standards
  • Offers highly competitive prices in the global marketplace
  • Highly flexible in work timings

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